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Letterpress Dark Chocolate collection     
     We proudly introduce to you Letterpress Chocolates and their Award-winning dark chocolate bars. Founded in 2014 by David and Corey Menkes, they have created over fifteen (15) chocolate bars guided by a love of chocolate almost as intense as ours. Sourced from the finest cacao beans in the world, Letterpress strives to use the highest imaginable quality of cacao beans to make its brand of delicious dark chocolate. In 2016, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting David at the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute Grader course, there he presented us with one of their dark chocolate bars and instantly we knew we had to have them represented in our catalog.
     In line with our mission of introducing our consumers to well-made chocolate produced through sustainable means, Letterpress prides itself by directly trading with farmers. This ensures the cacao beans used to create their dark chocolate bars, remains of high quality. For them, sourcing premium cacao beans meant traveling to meet with farmers in places such as Belize, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Peru, Tanzania and our personal favorite Venezuela!
     Letterpress dark chocolate bars are typically made using a blend of 70% cacao beans and 30% certified unrefined cane sugar. Letterpress prides itself on doing things the right way, producing a high-quality dark chocolate product free from additives. Prior to being aged for at least one month, the cacao beans are carefully sorted, roasted then ground for at least 48 hours, in an attempt to bring out the full potential of each beans flavor profile. Handcrafted, the process begins with the raw cacao beans roasted, cracked, removed from the shell, then ground into a delicious, savory dark chocolate bar that is finally hand wrapped. This allows Letterpress to produce dark chocolate at an extraordinary level of quality giving them an advantage over much larger companies.
     Combining their love of letterpress printing and chocolate making, Letterpress Chocolates has received 11 awards for their dark chocolate bars, and one award for their very unique packaging design, among them, are an Academy of Chocolate award, a Good Food Award, and a StarChefs Rising Star Artisan Award.
Join the club, travel the world with each bite, explore each region, savor each flavor. With each Letterpress dark chocolate bar in this collection, you can enjoy small pieces of paradise one bar at a time, without ever leaving home.

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