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Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Dominican Republic, La Red

Letterpress Dark Chocolate - Dominican Republic, La Red

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** We apologize for the inconvenience, but the cacao beans used for this bar are no longer accessible by the dark chocolate artisans at Letterpress in Los Angeles, CA - USA.  If it becomes available again, we will notify you by email immediately.  Do not hesitate to check back periodically since small batches of this cacao might be acquired and we might be able to get our hands in some more of these dark chocolate bars.  In the meantime, we suggest the other dark chocolate bars we have on our Letterpress' Collection or any bars made with Dominican Republic cacao beans.


"In the northern town of Nagua, La Red Guaconejo was our favorite farm we visited in the Dominican Republic in 2014. Working with over 150 local farmers who use sustainable agroforestry systems rather than conventional monoculture, La Red was a model for fine flavor cacao. Unfortunately, La Red closed its doors in early 2015, unable to pay farmers for their cacao. We were lucky enough to obtain the last bags from this very special co-op. Once our supply is depleted, that will be the end of this dark chocolate bar. We hope they come back."*

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate


Dominican Republic



Made in



Blend (Nacional, La Red)




Mango, tangerine


Red berry, mocha, wood




Cacao beans, Organic Unrefined Cane sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter


*La Red, Dark Dominican Republic - 70% | Products.(n.d.). Retrieved from Letterpress official information.
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