Amano Dark Chocolate Collection

Amano Dark Chocolate

     A flavor so unique and distinctive, it has become a culinary favorite in all types of cuisine. Dark chocolate is the versatile taste that makes berries pop, nuts savor and turns ice into cream. It has been experimented with in nearly every type of culture, and all recognizing dark chocolate is a flavor that cannot be competed against.

     Now, the folks at the Amano Artisan Chocolates have come together to present you with a collection of their highly desirable artisan dark chocolates. That’s right. You can now enjoy some incredible variety of Amano’s dark chocolate. Sample a few of our favorites, with beans from far away places like Morobe. You will quickly discover the subtle differences when experts take craft beans into delicious dark chocolate.

     Similar to wine tasting, you will find that experiencing Amano’s Artisan Chocolates, dark chocolate collection, will awaken taste buds to the sweet variances in flavor. Bite into the one bar to taste the richness of South American, Caribbean, or Asian beans. Each bar provides its audience with hints of sweet flavors. What do you feel? Is it an intense, rich flavor like plum or espresso? Does it have a smokiness to it complemented by a gentle dark chocolate flavor? Maybe you opened one that tastes like fall with notes of fresh apricot, caramel, or even mouthwatering brown sugar. You are only even more taken aback when you realize, these flavors are entirely natural and come straight from the cacao bean…almost as if you are tasting the love and care that went into bringing you this bar. One chocolate maker notes, he searched for the perfect beans from many corners of the globe. Finally plucking the perfect ones from surroundings embodying the lush scenery of the Garden of Eden. You can almost taste the forbidden flavors.

     Amano dark chocolate is ideal for any situation. Invite your boss over for dinner, then impress the crowd with some wine and chocolate tastings. Create an exotic date night and picnic with a loved one. Let them know you have personally selected these award-winning chocolate bars for an unforgettable evening. Bringing out our collection will allow for a fun activity you can almost guarantee they have never experienced before. No matter the reason, the Amano dark chocolate bars are great for every occasion, including a midnight snack! So you can stay guilt-free when breaking out the right chocolate for an everyday occasion.