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Castronovo Arhuacos DARK-MILK w/ Nibs - 66%

Castronovo Arhuacos DARK-MILK w/ Nibs - 66%

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Denise Castronovo, our friend, and neighbor Floridian is the creator of this unique chocolate that you must try. Based in Stuart, FL (United States of America), she creates all its fantastic chocolate bars and truffles in a small chocolate factory.

Denise says they worked very carefully on this chocolate bar to deliver something pure and adequately balanced in flavor and experience to draw you back to being more connected with nature. The cacao is so wonderful that they found harmony with a very high percentage of dark milk chocolate at 66% cacao content. The ancestral cacao has very low bitterness, a rich chocolate flavor with maltiness, soft fruit, and a nice crunch from the Arhuacos cacao nibs that add to its richness.

When Denise presented this chocolate to Mamo Camilo, the spiritual leader of the Arhuacos natives, he said: "This chocolate captures the essence of the Arhuaco ancestral cacao."

The chocolate Castronovo makes from these ancestral cacao beans has wine, honey, pecan, and malted chocolate flavors with the crunchy texture of cacao nibs.

These bars are available for a limited time since we do not have many of these highly coveted beans. What are you waiting for?

Bar Type

Dark Chocolate


Northern Colombia



Made in



Criollo (Bunsi)






White Wine, pecan, honey, malty rich chocolate


2021 - Bronze winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards, Flavoured Milk Category


Cacao beans (organic), organic cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cacao butter, cacao nibs

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