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Castronovo Dark Chocolate

     It is not every day that you come across a company whose business model is as holistic as Castronovo Chocolates. That is probably due to the fact that most dark chocolate makers aren’t headed by a Ph. D holding ecologist like Denise Castronovo. One of the few women in the dark chocolate making world, she strives to maintain balance and sustainability in all areas.

     This unconventional practice is in no doubt due to Castronovo’s unconventional foray into dark chocolate making. While she was researching tree canopies in the jungles of South America, she became aware of the important ecological benefit of the cacao harvest. Equally as important was her recognition of the ethical and economic benefit in compensating the local farmers fairly. The result of this careful approach is a luxurious dark chocolate product that as satisfying to the forest as it is to the tongue.

     Made entirely from fine flavor heirloom cacao, Castronovo Chocolates has a wide variety of dark chocolate offerings. One of the most popular is the Sierra Nevada Colombia Dark Milk Chocolate 63%. Harvested by the indigenous Arhuaco people of Colombia, the dark chocolate has flavors of caramel, fruit, and nuts. The delicious taste has been recognized throughout the dark chocolate industry with various awards. And in the media with write-ups from the New York Times, Washington and Huffington Posts.

     We here at Club Chokolate were able to experience for ourselves the delight of Castronovo Chocolates when we visited the factory in 2016. Immediately upon entrance, we were hit by the scent of dark chocolate so intense that seemed as though it was melting in our mouths.

     After tasting the decadent dark chocolate bars, all we can say is that Castronovo Chocolates is well worth the hype. We invite you to experience it for yourself!

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