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Castronovo Dark Milk Chocolate - Nicalizo

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Denise Castronovo, our friend and neighbor Floridian is the creator of this unique chocolate that you must try. Based in Stuart, FL (United States of America), she creates all its fantastic chocolate bars and truffles in a small chocolate factory.

Also part of Castronovo's Signature Collection, this fellow "Nicalizo" bar is the Dark-Milk friend of its pure Dark chocolate counterpart. Denise and her team searched the globe for cacao beans with extraordinary delicate flavor to create their top line of chocolate bars. Novel findings have found that Criollo varieties of cacao might have their place of birth in Nicaragua. Classically, the notion is that Criollo cacao beans come only from the Upper Amazon river basin.

As a result, Nicaragua is becoming a hotbed for fine-flavored cacao. Castronovo carefully chooses the Nicalizo heirloom cacao variety for the Signature Collection. The flavor complexity of this chocolate bar and creamy whole milk's infusion offers you a buttery sensation of toffee, nuts, and hazelnut. This truly is a bar of exceptional chocolate.

Enjoy this chocolate bar with your next glass of port wine or white riesling. Get it while it lasts!

Bar Type

Dark Milk





Made in









Buttery, nutty, toffee




Cacao beans, organic cane sugra, organic milk, organic cacao butter

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