"Not So Dark" Craft Chocolate Combination Kit

Perfect for the people trying to enter the real dark chocolate world, this “Not So Dark” Craft Chocolate Combination Kit will bring you closer to an authentic craft chocolate experience and is a perfect transition from grocery store candy chocolate to real flavorful chocolate.

The chocolate bars included in this “Not So Dark” Craft Chocolate Combination Kit have a high cacao content. Simultaneously, they have the right amount of sugar, salt, or milk to help you experience the cacao flavors at its best.

From Fruition Chocolate Works in the New York Catskills to tree-to-bar Franceschi from Venezuela, and finishing with French Broad Chocolate in Asheville, you will experience the variety like never before.

No more saying, “I don’t like dark chocolate” or “dark chocolate is too bitter!” Try our carefully selected combination designed just for you. 

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