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The Best Dark Chocolate Kit for Rookies

Have you been in a position where you want to try better dark chocolates? You are transitioning from grocery-store "fine" chocolate bars to the real deal, and as a starter, you are lost. You ask yourself: which ones are the best dark chocolates to start your journey?

Learn to taste the authentic flavors of fine cacao and finely crafted dark chocolate without hesitation.

This Dark Chocolate Kit for Rookies is the one that will resolve your doubts and will help you in this crucial transition. We were in that position in the past, and we want you to enjoy the journey and not worry about which dark chocolates are the best for you.

Our certified chocolate taster has selected the four [4] or five [5] dark chocolate bars on this set based on his training and the education of many of his clients. These bars will come from our carefully selected artisans like Dandelion, Fruition, Franceschi, and others. They will make this transition smooth and take you to a place where the sky is the limit.

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Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in







From around the World


From around the World




Cacao Beans, sugar, cacao butter

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