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Dark Chocolate Collection

The Best VEGAN Dark Chocolates in the World

We curated the best VEGAN Dark Chocolate Provision for you. As a plant-based consumer, our co-founder Ramon often struggles to find vegan fine and real dark chocolates. He couldn't find the actual ingredients. Also, too many artificial things were added to reportedly "fine" chocolates. The other problem? He had to go to too many places to find vegan-friendly dark chocolate provisions.

That is why we created the VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE PROVISION, with four [4] to five [5] craft chocolate bars that only have two or three ingredients. Cacao, sugar, and sometimes cacao butter are plenty to enjoy the best flavors genuine fine cacao offers.  Examples of the dark chocolate bars that this unique set includes are: Dick Taylor, Amano, and Ritual.

Now, you never have to worry about finding the best pure plant-based dark chocolates. We can enjoy full, complex flavor profiles in each bite of these chocolate bars. Add them to your cart, and will ship them to you right away.

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Bar Type

Dark Chocolate





Made in







From around the World


From around the World




Cacao Beans, sugar, cacao butter

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