Collection: Ritual Dark Chocolate Collection

Ritual Dark Chocolate Collection

Ritual was founded in 2010 by dreamers Robbie Stout and Anna Davies. Two individuals who appreciated the art of handcrafted chocolate, using that classic European touch to make the perfect dark chocolate bar, but then improving it using modern American style. In 2018 alone, these dark chocolate devotees have won 9 awards for their creations. We are proud of our friend’s work and gladly celebrate them in our store.

Ritual is one of our favorite dark chocolate brands here at Club ChoKolate. We were first introduced to their collection in 2016 when Club ChoKolate was just forming. Their work is what has helped give us vision in focusing on fine dark chocolate and the dedication it takes to bring out some of the most incredible flavors. In the bustling town of San Francisco at the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute grader course is where we first got to experience just a taste of the Ritual Chocolate Collection. We also attended the Fine Chocolate Industry Association meeting where we came across their collection of exquisite dark chocolate bars made with cacao beans from all around the world including Perú, Madagascar, and others. We were astounded with their work and just knew it had to be included in Club ChoKolate. Today they are still one of our favorites, and we know they will be one of yours too.

Ritual is dedicated to keeping additives away from their carefully crafted process. They hold firmly onto those pure raw ingredients that have plenty of flavors to spare. If you were to talk with Anna, you would find she treasures their process beyond anything else. Incorporating their beloved dark chocolate into her many personal recipes and treating her loved ones to her many creations. The most successful of her work is the Ritual dark chocolate bar collection.

Ritual’s unique dark chocolate bars embrace the individuality of their beans sourced. Bringing you a bouquet of aromas, then presenting you with an entirely new set of flavors. For example, you may open the beautiful packaging of one dark chocolate bar to find yourself among flowers and fresh fruits, the scents overwhelming you. As you break off a piece and bite in, the floral continues but it is light. Now complemented with herbal tones and hints of stone fruit or toasted peanuts. As you open your second bar of Ritual dark chocolate, it becomes apparent to you that this is a self-care experience.

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