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Dick Taylor Dark Chocolate

In recent years, consumers have been flocking to small businesses for their delicately crafted products that are able to deliver quality. Those cared for products are often made by hand through each step of the creation process. The founders of Dick Taylor recognized this and brought that same spirit to their craft dark chocolate collection. What started as a furniture and boat building business has morphed into a group of local individuals who appreciate the idea of the perfect dark chocolate bar.

As you taste the sweet cacao, you may get a hint of spiced cake or smoky espresso as you bit into that fresh dark chocolate bar. Smells and flavors may come to you in strong aromas or short bursts as they pass by your taste buds. As you break off a piece of the dark chocolate, juicy apricot, salty almond butter, fresh grapes, or even sweet honeysuckle may come to mind. How is it that Dick Taylor craft chocolate company can bring all these elegant and classy flavors to you in an artisan dark chocolate bar? The answer may surprise you.

Dick Taylor hopes that you can taste the difference of each cacao bean. That is why most dark chocolate bars are created with a few simple ingredients, cacao, and organic cane sugar, with the occasional pinch of sea salt thrown in. Brought together and formulated in Eureka, California, the beans are brought in from some of the most tropical places on the planet. Bite into one dark chocolate bar to taste some beans from Brazil, Guatemala, or even Vietnam. The difference in taste will surprise you, as well as the idea that these few simple ingredients can create such bold flavors. It is indeed a testament to the art of dark chocolate making and the importance of bean selection.

The Dick Taylor dark chocolate collection will enlighten the senses to the beauty of genuinely pure chocolate. Their three-week process focuses on the pureness of the ingredients while performing practices that will bring out the best dark chocolate flavors. Unlike other brands, Dick Tablet leaves out the extra vanilla, cocoa butter, and additional ingredients. Allowing the pure taste of the cacao bean to shine through.

Make an event of trying out the Dick Taylor dark chocolate collection. Pair it with some excellent wine, maybe a bit of apricot or almonds. It may just help bring out those subtle flavors woven throughout each bar. Enjoy!

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