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     We found Middlebury Chocolates during our tasting journey through the world of the best dark chocolates. We always want to savor as many chocolates as we can, in pursuit of exceptional quality and flavor. We know it is difficult to buy chocolate without trying them first, but we did and were not disappointed. We have offered Middlebury Chocolate bars for a while, and have always heard compliments from customers.

     Andy and Stephanie Jackson, the founders of Middlebury Chocolates, are artisan dark chocolate makers, the "archetypal" bean-to-bar chocolate entrepreneurs. They moved from Asheville, NC to Vermont, looking for a different life near their family roots. They liked the atmosphere and the community to raise their two (2) children at the time and moved to Middlebury in 2010.

     It all started when Stephanie, a self-described food lover, gave some dark chocolate confections to a resident as a grateful gesture for showing them around. Then, she couldn't find the quality chocolate needed to make the truffles, so like many others, started making their own chocolate, from bean to bar.

     They have a small operation, making intensely delicious dark chocolate that they absolutely want and love to eat, including their children, now three: Azrael, Aria, and Malachi.

     All of the cacao beans they use, to make dark chocolate, are fairly traded from plantations, and farms that encourage long-lasting relationships with makers. They also look for socially-responsible practices and growth. Most cacao beans are heirloom varieties that are either certified organic or are accredited by the Rainforest Alliance. The unimaginable essence of the beans they use is directly related to the passion and determination of the growers with whom they work.

     All Middlebury dark chocolates are roasted in small batches, ground, conched for two to three days, and then filtered and poured for ten to twelve days of storage. The Jacksons believe this allows the flavors to develop and settle. Then these blocks are re-melted and tempered on a marble slab. After this, they are molded and packaged by hand for you to enjoy.

     You will be delighted by these masterfully made dark chocolates, please experience Middlebury Chocolates.

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