[AWARD-WINNING] Craft DARK Chocolate Combination Kit

We created this Award-Winning Craft Dark Chocolate Kit after many of our clients asked: "Which one is the best chocolate?" We thought a perfect way to recommend the best chocolates was to curate a group of dark chocolate bars selected by the experts at the best in their categories.

The Award-Winning Craft Dark Chocolate Kit has three [3] of the world's best dark chocolates. Included in this kit you have:

  • Fruition Chocolate Hispaniola 68% - A classic for all bean-to-bar chocolate lovers
  • Letterpress Chocolate Ecuador 70% - One of our favorite chocolates and maker
  • Ritual Mid Mountain Blend 70% - A chocolate with a cacao bean blend, one of our best sellers.

Now you can taste the best dark chocolates in the world with just one click.

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